Radio Interview Fall 2015

Michele Noordhof, President of the Calgary Wild Rose Chapter of the Good Sam Club, shares what you need to know to get started in RVing, including some of her favourite local camping spots. If you want to travel in a motor home during your retirement, don’t miss this segment!

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Bow Rivers Edge Promo

Hi to all our Good Sam Partners,

Bow RiversEdge, located in Cochrane Alberta is a topnotch Good Sam Park looking forward to seeing your group book a rally, club meeting or just an old fashioned get together.

We offer 30 amp and 50 amp sites with full services in either pull through sites or back in sites.  Our rustic Corral Cook shack is centrally located for your potluck meals, meeting times and a fireplace pit for evening sing-alongs or just enjoying the evening air and visiting with friends.  BBQ’s are available for your use, lots of tables and chairs for inside activities and picnic tables outside too!  The cook shack is available free of charge for groups of 5 or more sites booked.

Our 24/7 washroom facilities and laundry/office/store are ready with helpful, friendly staff to assist you with purchases, answering questions and letting you know what is great to check out in the Cochrane area!

Our rates:  $40/night for 30 amp, $45/night for 50 amp.  Each camper would receive a 10% discount with their Good Sam Membership!

With the upcoming camping season, bookings are coming in daily.  I hope that you will check out our website at and call soon for a group booking for your Good Sam Club!

I can be reached Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm to answer questions and take your group bookings at 403-932-4675 or 1-877-932-4675.

I hope be to hearing from you soon!

Warmest regards,

Sandi Horton

Guest Services Manager



For RVers, barbecuing is as much a part of the RV Lifestyle as camp chairs and campfires. The two most popular ways to barbecue are with charcoal and gas. Aficionados defend their methods, but either way will produce tasty barbecued food, though there are a few fine points that differ between them.


Place briquettes in a mound over a scrunched up pile of paper. Light the paper to get the fire going on the coals. Use starter fluid to soak coals to achieve easier lighting. If you use fluid, wait until all of it burns away before cooking or your food will taste off. Wait until the coals are a uniform gray with a slight red glow, then spread the coals out uniformly over the bottom of the grill, or use more on one side than the other if you are cooking foods that require more or less heat.

A better way to start your fire is to use a barbecue chimney (available at most supermarkets and stores that carry barbecue accessories) and which doesn’t require starter fluid. Stuff crumpled newspaper in the bottom of the chimney, then fill the top part with briquettes. Place chimney in center of grill and light paper through tThinkstockPhotos-122400446he holes in the bottom. When the top coals turn gray and produce that red glow they are ready to use. Spread out as above.


A gas barbecue is a natural for RVers as they already carry a supply of propane gas and don’t need briquettes or a chimney. A quick connect hose (available from Camping World) enables hooking up your barbecue with your RV’s propane supply so you don’t need to carry those little green bottles. A gas barbecue is quicker to set up and start cooking,  easier to clean up (no hot coals to dispose of), and no starter fluid required. There is an ongoing debate over whether briquettes produce better tasting meat, but most of the flavor will come from the juices of the meat dripping down on the hot grill and smoking.


Spray your grill with a non-stick spray or rub with olive oil to prevent sticking. Handle your meat with tongs rather than sticking with a fork  which allows juices to escape.

Until you hone your skill at detecting the proper doneness of your offerings, use a meat thermometer to read the interior temperature of what you are cooking. A digital thermometer is inexpensive, easy to use (insert the probe into the middle of the meat, fish, or fowl and read the temperature), and is especially good for cooking large cuts like roasts and whole fish. Recommended temps are included with the scale.

Cooking time will depend on temperature inside the grill (assuming you use one with a lid and temperature gauge)—slow cooking producing more uniform doneness and usually retaining more flavor.

Spread barbecue sauce on near the end of the cooking time or marinate raw meat, fish, and fowl for an hour (or even overnight) before placing on the grill. There are lots of good and spicy barbecue rubs available also to jazz up your cooking.

Barbecue grill mats can be used for cooking veggies (peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc.) or small items like shrimp that may fall through the grill. Lay the mat on top of the grill and spread out the food turning with a spatula as necessary until done. Just wash the mat off and leave to dry and it leaves your grill clean also. A mat can also be used for cooking flaky fish.

For the finer points of barbecuing and for preparing unique fare buy a good How to Barbecue book and keep it handy—and don’t be afraid to experiment with lots of different foods, marinades and rubs. You will be able to assess the results of your efforts by the smiling faces around the picnic table.

Calgary Wild Rose Chapter Report April 2016

Wild Rose Logo

Calgary Wild Rose Chapter Report

Provincial Spring Meeting April 16 2016, Red Deer


Hello everyone!

The early spring weather reminds how much we love camping and cannot wait to get back out with our fellow Chapter members for weekends of fun, campfires and fellowship.  We will be starting the season the second weekend in May.

Our last camping season came to a close end of September where we held our AGM.  Thank you to the chapter members who cover the various positions on the chapter board.  Our chapter now has a Facebook page, designated chapter email address and a website where we can share our adventures and provide ways to share information about Good Sam and being involved in our chapter.

Our winter schedule included a variety of activities and gatherings. We had a great time at neon mini golf!  Our Social Conveners hosted our annual Christmas party in their home, it was a wonderful gathering!  We got together for bowling and dinner out, a potluck dinner and a buffet breakfast.

We continue to support the Christmas Adopt A Senior program. Through fundraising and donations of our chapter members we were able to sponsor several seniors.  We volunteered to shop for the gift wish lists, with the wonderful feeling that we are able to do something that will make a difference in the lives of these seniors.

Have a great camping season, safe travels!

Respectfully submitted by:
Michele Noordhof
President, Calgary Wild Rose



(This article was originally posted August 31 2013 on the Good Sam website at )

From young families with children to members in their golden years, Good Sam Club chapters bridge the generations. Take the Calgary Wild Rose chapter, for instance. Launched in 1978, the chapter is one of Alberta’s oldest, yet its youngest member, Maddigan Kelly, just celebrated her first birthday.

Maddigan’s parents, Darryl and Lori Kelly, signed up with the Calgary Wild Rose chapter a few years ago for the same reason most Good Sam members join a chapter. They own a motorhome and wanted to go camping with fellow RVers. Since joining the chapter, they’ve made close friends, tapped into a well of RV expertise and traveled throughout their home province.

“We’ve really explored southern Alberta,” says Darryl. “The Wild Rose chapter makes all the arrangements, so camping is stress-free.”

“They’re like family to us,” says Lori, adding that Maddigan is lucky to have so many “aunts,” “uncles” and “grandparents.” “She’s very blessed and spoiled with love and cuddles.”

With a current membership of 22 RVing families, the Calgary Wild Rose chapter is always on the lookout for new members and new ways to help in their community. During the holidays last year, chapter members and corporate sponsors raised $1,400 to purchase toys, toiletries, winter clothing and personal items for Inn from the Cold, Calgary’s largest emergency family shelter. A similar humanitarian project is already in the works for this holiday season.

The Calgary Wild Rose chapter is one of 22 Good Sam Club groups that welcome the young and the young at heart throughout Alberta. Read about them all at or pay a visit to the province’s Fall Mini Samboree, September 5 through 8 in the south-central Alberta village of Acme.