Calgary Wild Rose Chapter Report April 2016

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Calgary Wild Rose Chapter Report

Provincial Spring Meeting April 16 2016, Red Deer


Hello everyone!

The early spring weather reminds how much we love camping and cannot wait to get back out with our fellow Chapter members for weekends of fun, campfires and fellowship.  We will be starting the season the second weekend in May.

Our last camping season came to a close end of September where we held our AGM.  Thank you to the chapter members who cover the various positions on the chapter board.  Our chapter now has a Facebook page, designated chapter email address and a website where we can share our adventures and provide ways to share information about Good Sam and being involved in our chapter.

Our winter schedule included a variety of activities and gatherings. We had a great time at neon mini golf!  Our Social Conveners hosted our annual Christmas party in their home, it was a wonderful gathering!  We got together for bowling and dinner out, a potluck dinner and a buffet breakfast.

We continue to support the Christmas Adopt A Senior program. Through fundraising and donations of our chapter members we were able to sponsor several seniors.  We volunteered to shop for the gift wish lists, with the wonderful feeling that we are able to do something that will make a difference in the lives of these seniors.

Have a great camping season, safe travels!

Respectfully submitted by:
Michele Noordhof
President, Calgary Wild Rose


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